How To: Differentiate tunable and non-tunable bodhrán drums

Differentiate tunable and non-tunable bodhrán drums

In this how to video, you will learn how to tell the difference between a tunable and non-tunable bodhran. A tunable bodhran has a tuning mechanism to allow you to adjust the skin tension. A non-tunable bodhran is actually tunable, but it just needs more time to do so. A tunable drum has the tuning mechanism in the inside. They are lugs pressing on an inner hoop. When the key is turned clockwise, this will make it tighter. Make sure to go crisscross rather than around the circle when tuning. You will get uneven tension if you go around. If you strike the drum with the tipper and it looks blurry, it is too slack. If it is too tight, it will sound tinny. Check any recommendations for your make before tuning it. For a non-tunable bodhran, use water to tune it. Wetting it will slacken the skin. You can use a spray bottle to do this. Rub the surface after it is done. You can also wet it on the inside. The water might bead off if the skin is treated. The water will take a few minutes to absorb. If you want to remove moisture, use a blow dryer. If you use hand pressure at the back while the skin is wet, you might create a bubble. That will dry up and go away. This is the main way to adjust the skin tension of a non-tunable bodhran.

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