How To: Use a Moeller stroke technique on the drums

Check out this simple instructional drum video on how to use the Moeller stroke on the drums. This video tutorial explains the Moeller stroke as well as provides a few exercises to practice this technique. Improve your drum playing skills by learning a few tips from this drum playing video by watching this instructor guide you along the way.

How To: Play a basic conga drum sequence

In this video are the Afro-Cuban Percussion Class at Grossmont College, with instructor Manny Cepeda to show us how to play a Meringue rhythm on the Conga Drums. He starts off with a slow beat by beat demonstration and then moves on to a faster beat. The camera changes the view so that you can see both a front and back view of him drumming. Once he has shown the basics he shows the different variations you can use and the various counts that you can start on.

How To: Practice the double stop mallet technique

Over the past 5-10 years, there has been an enormous growth in 4-mallet percussion. With the rapid increase in popularity, there comes the possibility of students moving too quickly through the learning process, or not having adequate instruction. In this installment from his video tutorial series on four-mallet percussion, Gifford Howarth illustrates exercises to isolate the interval changing motion of inside and outside mallets on a mallet instrument such as a vibraphone.

How To: Solo on the timbales (tymbales)

Take heart, aspiring timbaleros and timbaleras. Eguie Castrillo, having played with everyone from Tito Puente to Steve Winwood, is one of the world's most prolific timbale artists. In this installment of his video tutorial series on the fundamentals of timbale playing, Eguie will walk you through some basic techniques for soloing on the timbales.

How To: Play a Turkish double dumbek with Raquy Danziger

Drum artist Raquy Danziger teaches the basics of playing a Turkish double dumbek. Raquy demonstrates how the index and ring fingers of the drumming hand should move in counter-harmony to each other, as the first step. Next she shows how to accent every third beat while drumming. Then, the other hand is used to add a third sound to the two being produced by the first hand in the up-down movement. The next step involves producing two different sounds with the second hand, by alternately hitting...

How To: Read sixteenth notes for drumming

In this lesson you will learn how to read and play sixteenth noteson the drums. In order to do this lesson you need to be comfortable with quarter notes & rests, eighth notes and 4/4 time. You will need the beat sheet for this lesson. You can find it here:

How To: Treat the skin on your bodhrán drum

Michelle Stewart of demonstrates to viewers how to treat the skin on a Bodhran drum. The skin on this particular drum is made of goat skin and, much like your own skin, must be treated with a skin-conditioning treatment in order to maintain proper moisture.

How To: Play the conga drums

In this video series, learn how to play the conga. Our expert, Ryan Larson, teaches you everything you need to know to begin your conga playing. Learn how to tune and set up congas. Also, learn how to strike, slap, and mute a conga drum.

How To: Play a basic rock groove with the hi hat on the drums

Playing the drums can be pretty easy, all you need is a drum set, a decent sense of rhythm and a lot of practice. In this how to video you can learn how to play a basic rock groove using the hi hat and the snare drum. This basic rock groove is a pretty common drum rudiment. It is necessary for the beginner drummer to learn this basic rock groove with the high hat. Watch this how to video and you will be able to play a basic rock groove with a high hat on the drums.

How To: Build your own Xylophone

The xylophone is one of the most universal musical instruments, with variations existing in cultures throughout the globe. Build your own xylophone by following the instructions shown in this helpful video. You can make a xylophone out of found or recycled materials like wood or glass.

How To: Break down a drum beat and master tempo dynamics

In this brief video tutorial, the host 'Uncle Todd' demonstrates how to 'attack a beat'. This video is intended for beginners. Watch as he shows you how to keep your tempo up as you time your drum strokes in a beat. You should practice my trying just your right foot and your right hand, and then alternating to to your left foot and your left hand. The host in this video uses an electric metronome to keep his tempo steady and accurate, something that he recommends you try at home. Don't forget...

How To: Play drums using the push pull technique

This how to video will teach you how to perform the push pull technique on drums. If you want to throw a double, you can start with a single and get an accent on the double for an inverted double. Just push and grab really quick. For a double, use a controlled rebound. For the inverted double, start with a single and dig out the second stroke of the double. A french grip is useful for performing this technique. This is good for ghostings and shuffles. For shuffles, you can use a controlled re...

How To: Play various rhythms on bongos

Itching to start slapping some bongo skins? In this three-part bongo tutorial, learn how to play various bongo rhythms. Hosted by Manny Cepeda (a composer, songwriter, & performer), you will learn the Son Rhythm (4/4) Martillo, the Borello Rhythm, and Guaguanco Rhythm.

How To: Perform a roundhouse spin with a mace

Learn how to do the round house spin hand movement with this tutorial. Free hand movements are usually meant for high school competition drum majors. Military and Scottish drum majors typically will not use free hand movements. Watch this how to video and you will be able to do a round house spin with a mace.

How To: Play tabla drum basic techniques

The tabla is a popular Indian drum used in the classical, popular and religious music of the Indian subcontinent and in Hindustani classical music. In this how to video you will learn basic techniques of playing the tabla. Watch this tutorial and you will be playing the tabla in no time.

How To: Play sixteenth note accent beats

This lesson covers six unique sixteenth note accent beats. These are ideal for intermediate to advanced drummers that are looking for new ways to spice up their grooves. The patterns are somewhat similar to the two-handed sixteenth note beats, but they incorporate accents on certain hi-hat strokes.

How To: Improve your coordination on drums

If you are looking to pick up the drums or just wanting to improve, take some time to watch this free video series. Our expert, Peter Van Dyck, shows you how to improve your hand and foot coordination. Through these simple exercises, you can become an expert drummer!

How to Play conga: modern tumbao

Tumbao is a basic beat. It is 4 4 timing. The fingers on both hands are bandaged on ring and middle fingers. The left hand looks flat, but is played in a heel, tip, heel, tip rhythm. Fingers on right hand are curved to meet the drum head. The left hand keeps the constant rhythm. Right hand does solo portion and moves from one Conga drum to another. Video is slowed down to see the exact rhythmic patterns. It also makes it easier to practice.

How To: Understand time signatures & BPM (beats per minute)

Walt Ribeiro shows you how beats per minute work along with time signatures. This video takes you through the steps with a detailed explanation of how they work together and is executed using a drum along with a handy saying to help you keep your time signatures going steady to the beats per minute. Walt explains this using an electronic tempo clock while changing up the time signature. If you have ever had a music question with how these two things relate to each other then video is for you.

How To: Play the "Four Sticks" groove on drums

Check out this music tutorial video that demonstrates how to play the "Four Sticks" groove on drums. Led Astray drummer "Fronzo" explains his approach to the Four Sticks drum groove. John Bonham of Led Zeppelin played this song with two sets of drum sticks, which is where the title of the song comes from. Learn how to play with Four Sticks by watching this instructional drum playing video.

How To: Play "The Ocean" by Led Zeppelin on the drums

In this two-part video tutorial series, DRUM! Magazine music editor Wally Schnalle demonstrates how to play "The Ocean" by the Led Zeppelin on the drums. While this tutorial is geared towards intermediate drum players, drummers of all skill levels can play along. Take a look and learn how to play "The Ocean" (and remember to stay tuned for the second part)!

How To: Tune a concert bass drum

Tom Gauger has played percussion with the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops Orchestras for over 35 years and has also served on the faculty at Boston University and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. In this installment from his series of video lessons dedicated to breaking down the basic skills necessary for playing the concert bass drum, Tom will teach you how to tune your bass drum.

How To: Tune the timbales

Take heart, aspiring timbaleros and timbaleras. Eguie Castrillo, having played with everyone from Tito Puente to Steve Winwood, is one of the world's most prolific timbale artists. In this installment of his video tutorial series on the fundamentals of timbale playing, Eguie will walk you through the process of tuning your drums.

How To: Master the basics of the timbales

Take heart, aspiring timbaleros and timbaleras. Eguie Castrillo, having played with everyone from Tito Puente to Steve Winwood, is one of the world's most prolific timbale artists. In this two-part installment of his video tutorial series on the fundamentals of timbale playing, Eguie will demonstrate the parts of the timbale drums, grip types and playing positions. Take a look!

How To: Play the dhol drum

The dhol is a drum or percussive instrument, widely used in Bangladesh , India and Pakistan, usually the Punjab region, the Indian/Pakistani province of Punjab, Maharastra and Gujarat. This 4 part video is an introduction to the dhol and how to begin to play this ancient double sided drum. Watch these tutorial and you will be able to play the dhol in no time.

How To: Play a drum fill on your snare drum

What is a drum fill? Simply put, it is a short rhythmic idea played by the drummer to fill a space at the end of a vocal or instrumental phrase. All you need is a drum kit with a snare drum, and you're set. Just don't steal it, please.

How To: Play the doumbek African drum

In this video series, watch as percussion master Alex Spurkel teaches how to play the doumbek African drum. Learn different hits and forms for this African percussion instrument in these quick and easy step by step music lesson and get useful drumming tips to improve rhythm and form.

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