How To: Play an advanced "down, down, up" jig on a bodhrán

Play an advanced "down, down, up" jig on a bodhrán

In this how to video, you will learn how to perform an advanced jig rhythm Bodhran. The way it is performed is going down down up. The down and up accent create an alternating back and forth feeling. If the accent is the same sound every beat, such as on the down, it has only a forward drive to it. First, do a down stroke but do not follow through. Drop the stick to hit a few inches below. From here, go up and hit the drum. The instant way to get this is to do the opposite. Basically, go up, up, and down. Try this over and over. When you go back to the down, down, up, it will be easier to perform. This rhythm may take time before you can fully understand and perform it. After enough practice, you will be able to perform this technique. Remember to slowly speed up over time.

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