How To: Play drum and bass beats like Questlove from The Roots

Play drum and bass beats like Questlove from The Roots

In this how to video, you will learn how to play drum and bass beats like Questlove. You must work to become consistent at 8th notes. A good way to do this is alternating hands. Do this by alternating between the hi-hat an snare drum. Practice until you can play this really fast. These drum and bass beats are just funk beats sped up. Start out with a simple beat and add grace notes in between the 8th notes of the hi-hat. Slowly speed this up. You can try taking the snare hit at beat 4 and the bass drum at beat 1 and move them a half a beat. This will add a drum and bass feel to the beat. You can add in a fill every four measures. Remember, stay relaxed, as these beats are not as complicated as they sound.

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