How To: Make a Guinean bolong bata drum

Make a Guinean bolong bata drum

This instructional drum video shows you how to make a Guinean bolong bata drum. The Bolong Bata comes originally from Guinea. The base is made of two half calabashes. One half is covered with goat hide, tied with rope to the bottom of the other calabash. The hole in the upper half is made for acoustic purposes. And if you like the music, you may put some money in it. The Bolong has three or four strings, made of rope, tied to a wooden stick on one side and a wooden keg on the other. The strings are played with both hands. On top of the stick is a metal plate with small rings attached, called kseng kseng. Make your own bolong bata and play like a pro!

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He ! Thanks for the Video! can you help me to find out, wich kind of wood is used for the stick?

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